More than 30 different flavours

Angel KissesHandgemaakt

Artisanal Angel Kisses

One of our top products are the artisanal Angel Kisses. A delicious handmade marshmallow is put on a coated, crispy cookie and then topped with tasty chocolate: milk, black or white. All kinds of decorating topping or colorful stripes provide a nice finish and an amazing taste.

Yes, we use traceable cocoa. Cacao-Trace is a sustainable cocoa sourcing programme that focuses on better tasting chocolate, and in the process creates value for all, from farmer to consumer. CacaoTrace is een programma voor duurzame cacao dat streeft naar meerwaarde voor alle betrokken partijen, van cacaoboer tot chocoladeliefhebber

And most important, our Angel Kisses have a shelf life of 5 months

sugar-free alternative

Until this date,, we are the only producers of this sugar-free alternative of Angel Kisses of artisanal chocolate. Sweets should be possible for everyone!

Those Angel Kisses can keep for four months. Although we've noticed that they are eaten much faster…

Unlimited combinations

On top of the bill, we have more than thirty varieties. A second filling provides an endless variety of flavors. This gives a pleasant and captivating sensation in the mouth in which the flavors reach their full potential. For example, the standard flavours: brandy custard, caramel and sea salt, fresh rhubarb paste, punchy homemade speculoos spread, Nutella, etc. We also develop for the spring and autumn our seasonal fillings, just as orange jam, coffee bitter, cuberdon, strawberry or raspberry cream, crème brûlée, gianduja praline, mango caramel, extra dark chocolat butter cream with Oreo cookies and vanilla finished with cocoa nibs, Manon coffee filling… The possibilities are endless!