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100% west Flemish

rhubarb angel kisses100% west Flemish

Rhubarb as a product of succes

The Barbelientjes were so popular that the province suggested to ​​also produce an Angel kiss with a rhubarb filling.

The fresh, fruity filling is well balanced with the sweet marshmallow. Then, covered with black chocolate gives this Angel Kiss a very tasty and balanced result. 

Our fourth recognized regional product! 


The farm 'Warandehof'

This was one of the first partnerships between artisanal producers after the establishment of 100% West Flemish.

more information about 'Warandehof'

100% west Flemish

This label is awarded to products that meet the following criteria: 

  • contains as much as possible, ingredients from west Flanders
  • traditionally made
  • local based

It is preceded by an extensive selection procedure and promotes the short chain: the shortest possible flow between producer and consumer. Click here for more information about 100% West Flemish.

Label 100% West-Vlaams

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