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For the growing group of diabetics, it is often difficult to find a tasty sugar-free delicacy. Not if it's up to Zokola! Our sugar-free and low-sugar products are just as tasty as the sugar-containing variant. Zokola makes a wide range of standard products to suit all tastes: chocolate slices, student oats or crushed chocolate. Zokola has also a large assortment of sugarfree pralines: soft praline cubes, crispy praline with puffed rice, ganaches with coffee, almond or coconut, homemade soft caramel with vanilla, cuvettes with chocolate mousse, walnuts with crispy praline...

And we can be a bit chauvinistic! In our fillings we work with the sugar substitute "Zusto", a high quality Belgian product.



As with the regular range, we also have something for everyone during the different seasons: hollow figures (Easter & Saint), hollow and filled Easter eggs, filled Saint Nicholas. We also propose a delicious mixture of chocolate with various shapes and flavors per season. Do you want to surprise your loved one with a sugar-free Valentine mixture or can the Easter bunny bring some Easter mixture? Even when the chilly autumn weather sets in, we offer comfort with a delicious and beautiful chocolate mixture with oak nuts, walnuts, crunchy tablets…

Even at Christmas we offer a colorful and tasty mixture, all sugar-free/low-sugar! This way, customers can enjoy a sugar-free chocolate all year round.